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The SBF processes blood collection tubes with an anticoagulant, such as EDTA or lithium heparin, where plasma, buffy coat and red blood cells separate after centrifugation.  It uses patent pending* technology developed by AM Robotic Systems and consists of the parts shown in the picture.

SBF100 for low to medium throughput - liquid handling by 4 tips

SBF200 for medium throughput - liquid handling by 8 independent tips

(*US Patent Application No. 12/953,014)

SBF system for automated blood fractionation by AM Robotic Systems

SBF principle of operation

At the heart of the SBF are the Tube Reader and liquid handling system.

The Tube Reader determines the height of each fraction from the bottom of the blood collection tube and stores this information in a database together with the barcode of the tube.

The SBF software uses this information to generate liquid handling protocols for each blood collection tube and creates a link in

the database to the corresponding output tubes. As each output rack is completed, a


file is generated, providing all the relevant information about the samples. This is generated in a format suitable to be imported into a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

The SBF also processes blood collection tubes with a gel separator for aliquoting plasma or serum.

Blood fractionation process for SBF system by AM Robotic Systems

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