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Tube Reader

The Tube Reader* has been specially developed by AM Robotic Systems as an integral part of the PBM200 and SBF.

Watch a video of the Tube Reader:

(*US Patent Application No. 12/953,014)


It is very simple to use:

The results are automatically written to the database and saved together with an image of the tube.

Tube Reader by AM Robotic Systems Load vacutainer into Tube Reader Measure contents of vacutainer in Tube Reader Tube Reader LEDs by AM Robotic Systems Tube Reader with vacutainer

Tube Reader

A batch of tubes can quickly be processed through the Tube Reader.

For blood collection tubes with an anticoagulant (e.g. EDTA), three fractions

are measured including the buffy coat.  The Tube Reader also processes blood collection tubes with a gel separator.

When used with the PBM200, the Tube Reader measures a layer of PBMC in a centrifuge tube following centrifugation using a Ficoll-Paque density gradient.